Website Video Commercial – Websites Need Video Content

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If you don’t have videos on your website you are missing a key component to a successful online marketing strategy.

VIDEO FOR PEOPLE WHO DON’T READ: The most successful online marketers know that video is critical.  Many people don’t like to read and if you offer them a video commercial of your services they will watch a 2-3 minute video before they will spend two to three minutes reading website page content.

VIDEO HELPS SEO SCORE: One of the main reasons for video is that it helps your SEO score.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing reward you for “visitor engagement” so the longer people stay on your website, the better your SEO score.

YOUTUBE is a Search Engine: More people search on YouTube than search on Yahoo! and Bing combined.  If you do not have videos on YouTube you are missing a golden opportunity for clients to find you.

A simple video commercial works.  WEBv5 has teamed up with veteran Newscaster and commercial producer, Dan Murphy to offer our clients a great combination of award-winning script creation, video production, and video editing to deliver top quality videos to our clients.  We know that busget is important and we are skilled at working within your budget.

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