So Many Client Sites Finished

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Well… have we been busy.  So busy, in fact, that I have neglected any posts here is a while.  We have been busy working on our client sites and have finished off quite a few recently.

We completed for a local custom sheet metal shop.  It was a ton of fun working on this site.  We designed a custom wordpress theme for them, went to their shop and took plenty of pictures and even a few videos.  We talked to the owner and the office manager to get a good feel about their business, the machines, the specialties and about the industry.  For we designed the site, wrote the content, shot the video, took the pictures and organized it all into one nice site. 

Then it was on to for an industrial heating and air conditioning supplier in Albany, NY.  They wanted a simple site and we were very happy to help them  The folks at RLT are great!

We also completed sites for a Clifton Park mobile billboard and Vehicle Sales company.  They had a decent lokking site but it was very hard for them to manage internally.  They decided that they would do a combination of things for their new site.  We kept their basic look, updated it a bit and added lots of cool features.  I think that the folks at MovinAds were very happy to have a website that could evolve as their businesses evolves.  They have some very tech happy people who have loved working with their site to keep it fresh and up-to-date.

We just finished a bunch of sites for Uncle Sam’s Candy on Albany St. in Schenectady, NY, but we did something a bit special with them that will get it’s own post shortly.

Merry Christmas!

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