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Networking with a CMS website

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I added that my biggest worry was that I wouldn’t get his link exactly as he wanted it, so I pulled out my iPhone, went to my website administration panel, chose the “links” section and selected “add link.” I asked him exactly what he would like his link to say about his company. I entered it in on my iPhone keyboard as he spoke. I clicked “publish” and his link was live. Just to add a “little magic” I offered to move his link to the top. I clicked on “order links”, grabbed his link and slid it to the top. I clicked publish.

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Plugins, Widgets and Apps – Oh My!

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What the iPhone and APP store did for cell phones, CMS architecture does for websites. Now as your business grows your website can grow with it. Adding new products or services can sometimes mean a shift in internet marketing strategy. In the past, this would mean a complete re-design of the website leading to expenses that more often than not, left business owners leaving the website out of the business shift. Now with integrated website content management systems, many functions and features of your website can be nearly plug and play.

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