designer QR codes for Clifton Park, NY

Clifton Park, NY firm designs custom, designer QR codes

Because you are on this page you are probably interested in QR Code Marketing and you would like to work with a QR Code Marketing Company in the Clifton Park, NY Area.

Typical QR Codes look like this:

(our custom designed QR codes don’t though….)

This is what a standard or normal QR code looks like.... but it doesn't have to!

But at WEBv5, one of our specialties is custom designed QR codes or Branded QR Codes. Our custom QR codes can feature your logo and be made in your corporate color scheme. Some examples of our custom designed and branded QR codes:

This is an example of a branded QR code for our own QRcoderecycler service.

WEBv5 is a pioneer in the QR code marketing industry and WEBv5 proprietor and founder Chad Currin, has written a very popular QR Code Whitepaper for those interested in understanding how QR Codes and QR code Marketing can help their business. To download Chad Currin’s QR code whitepaper, please visit our website by clicking here where you can download the QR Code Whitepaper for free.

For more examples of our custom designed QR codes, please CLICK HERE or continue to scroll down.

This is a sample of WEBv5 custom designed QR code work - Multi-Colored StyleThis is a sample of our custom designed QR code work - Sample "Sketch Style" QR CodeAn example of a custom designed QR code for our client Housekeeping-Specialist.comThis is a sample of our custom designed QR code work - Brown/Dotted SampleThis is a sample of our custom designed QR code work - Pizza Shop