WordPress Websites

Convert Your Website to WordPress CMS

At WEBv5 we do more than just create websites from scratch! We are a WordPress shop meaning that all of our sites are created using the WordPress CMS framework.  But we don’t just create websites from scratch, we help clients convert their website to WordPress CMS.  If you love the way your website looks and want all the features and plug-and-play functionality of the WordPress CMS framework, then we can convert your site to wordpress for you.

Some of our clients love the way their website looks, but are disappointed with the way it “works”. Sometimes they are frustrated by a website that was good a couple of years back but no longer reflects the business model or strategy. Sometimes they just don’t like that it is expensive and difficult to make changes to the website.

We can convert your site to a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) without having tocomplete re-design it. We can take what you like from your current site and merge it with the WordPress CMS technology to give your website lots of new functions and features without having to completely re-design your website.

To your clients it will look like nothing has changed (unless you take this opportunity to add some great features).

To you it will feel like you have a whole new type of website – one that is as fluid as your business and scalable to grow and change as your business grows and changes. If you are interested in learning about converting your site to WordPress CMS technology, please contact us for an appointment.