Microsite Marketing

As “the internet” grows and evolves, companies need different tools to compete online. First you need a website, some “social media” tools like a facebook fanclub page and now microsites.

Microsites are highly targeted niche websites that meet the demands of specific “targets” when they need one of our products or services.


Microsites are an evolution on landing pages. Landing pages are “keyword” heavy pages designed to get targeted online web searchers using google, yahoo!, or bing, but these large search companies have ruled that landing pages are really search engine “cheating” if you will. Microsites are simple, product/service/audience specifc websites. They go after one specific or niche target with a specific message and a specific offer.


Microsites go after one specific or niche target with a specific message and a specific offer. Companies primary websites show all their products and services, give “about us” information and are very general. Microsites break down a companies offerings and companies targeted leads into a network of microsites each designed to promote one specific thing to one specific audience.


The process of developing microsites is much different that the process for developing a “corporate” website. Microsites are developed using a lot more math than art. We research the company and it’s products and services. Then we research “what a good lead looks like.” Then we research the behavior of the “lead” looking for the specific product or service that fills that need. A microsite leads the potential customer right to a website that immeadiately addresses their need. The microsite then either offers your solution or takes them to a specific place on your website where you “fix” their “problem” or “fill their need.”

If you are interested in speaking to someone about microsites for your company or organization please contact Chad Currin at 518-542-7959 or contact us using the form to your right.

Microsite Samples:

For a better idea of what a microsite is, here are some of the Microsites we have develped:

www.FamousButterCrunch.com – for Uncle Sam’s Candy, Schenectady, NY. Uncle Sam’s Candy makes a world famous butter crunch that sells like, well, the fabulous almond butter crunch that it is – in the store at least.  Online it was lost among the thousands of other products.  We at WEBv5 worked with Uncle Sams to create a website dedicated to their famous almond butter crunch and highlighted the many ways people buy and consume it.  This “SEO or search engine friendly site” is much more likely to be found when someone searches for “butter crunch” than the original site opening up tremendous potential revenue.

www.UncleSamsFudge.com– the same strategy as described above was used with this microsite to highlight Uncle Sams famous homemade fudge.

For www.AchievableFashions.com we created a network of microsites to promote her book, “Build a Basic Classic Wardrobe” teaching women how to build a basic wardrobe and then add seasonally trendy items as compliments to their wardrobe so it always appears they have a current, trendy, fashionable wardrobe without needing thousands of items in their closet and a fortune to spend on clothes.  Really quite clever!  We created a network of keywork specific microsites that each target a specific group of women and the keywords they might use when searching on google, yahoo, or bing.

Her network includes:

www.buildabasicclassicwardrobe.com –  our research showed women searching for ideas on “building a wardrobe” and this is the title of her book, featured more prominently than within her www.AchievableFashion.com website

www.wardrobeessentialsfashionblog.com – a site that can be used to blog about, guess what… wardrobe and fashion tips – specifically targeting those who consider themselves “real women” and not runway models.

www.fashiontipsforrealwomen.com – that offers, you guess it, Fashion Tips for Real Women.

www.addtrendyitemstoyourbasicclassicwardrobe.com – again featuring the title of her book and this site features specific ways women can add trendy items into their basic wardrobe, keeping them in fashion and in budget.

www.currentfashiontrendsforrealwomen.com – this microsite was designed based completely on keywords women were using in high quantities looking for exactly what Achievable Fashios offers for a solution.  It is a niche website targeting “real women” looking to understand and incorporate “current fashion trends.”