Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

S.E.O. Search Engine Optimization SEO

Our SEO clients get great results because our SEO system is based on science and math, not magic.  SEO is part science and part math. SEO is not magic.

If there is a bigger scam in the website design or website marketing field I am not sure what it is.  We are in the business of website design, website marketing, and SEO and we get several offers every day to “help improve our search engine results.”

There are lots of things that just about any business owner or website owner can do to improve their search engine results or to get them listed higher for certain search terms or search strings, but SEO is not magic.  There is no SEO firm in the world that you can pay any amount of money to that can get you listed high on search results or google results for every term.

What is SEO? When someone goes to Google (or any search engine) they type in a “search string”; a term, a few words, a question, etc. and press “search.”  Google converts your site and every website and webpage online to bininary (zeros and ones), runs it through their proprietary algorithm and the lists the website and web pages based on that algorithm with the site most likely to be helpful first and then the other sites in decending order.

How does your site rank? Well that depends on… your website content.  Many SEO firms will tweak your “meta tags”, “page names”, “page descriptions” and so on and charge you several hundreds of dollars a month for “seo services.” While these things are important, they are not difficult and won’t produce “magic results.”

The ONLY SEO really worth doing is creating custom content designed to improve the relationship of your content to the potential search strings people enter into the Google search engine. If you want to be listed high on the search results for people who type in “Website Design” and “Saratoga, NY” then your website needs to have pages and content specifically geared for for website design and Saratoga, NY. What “SEO firms” call “SEO” will not do the trick, only specifically developed, targeted CONTENT will work.

Don’t be fooled.  Don’t waste precious marketing dollars on scams.  If you want to be listed higher on search engine results, there are a few steps to take:

1. Identify your target client – “Who do you want to find you?”

2. Identify their pain – “Why would your target client be searching for you?” What is your ideal client going to type into Google when you absolutely want them to find YOU?

3. Identify their ideal solution – How do you help the target client?

4. Make your solution clear. – Why search engine traffic comes to your site, is it clear that you solve their problem?

5. Be professional -People judge books by their cover.  Just the cold reality of the world we live in.  Does your website convey a level of professionalism that your ideal clients expects?

6. Be easy to use – Is it easy for ideal clients to find the exact information they need or want to “solve their pain?”

6. Target your content – Not all potential clients will be searching for the same thing will they? Do you have, clearly organized, the right content for all the reasons people may be searching for your products and services?

At WEBv5, we help our SEO clients work through the list of questions above.  Then we help them develop and organize that information.

Our SEO clients get great results because our SEO system is based on science and math, not magic.  SEO is part science and part math. SEO is not magic.

If you are interested in driving targeted traffic to your website, converting that traffic into leads, qualifying those leads and closing deals then our SEO services may be right for you.  If you simply want SEO magic and to buy into the SEO hype, then I would suggest you look for a different SEO provider.