Niche Marketing Plans

Broadcasting is so 1970!

Narrowcasting is so 2012!

Our customized niche marketing plans help you to identify specific pockets of niche clients to target and then we work with you to develop a marketing plan to reach that narrow group of idea clients, prospects, shoppers, etc.

Broadcasting meant screaming your message to a ga-zillion people hoping a select few ideal prospects would see your ad and hear your marketing message.

Narrowcasting, (niche marketing) means identifying the ideal candidate and going directly after that targeted prospect with a highly targeted message.

Would you rather advertise to 1,000,000 to find your 100 ideal prospects?


Would you rather advertise to a targeted group of 200 ideal prospects to get your 100 sales?

ok… let’s try that a different way….

Would you rather spend $2.5 million on a Super Bowl ad??


$250 on a narrowcasted ad aimed directly at your ideal prospect at the time they are looking to buy your goods or services?