QR Code Coupon Programs

Custom QR Codes & Special Coupon Mobile Landing Pages! Great For Customer Loyalty Programs

[kc_heading_two size=”27″ color=”#494949″] Make Money with Custom QR Codes with Special Offer Coupon Mobile Landing Pages![/kc_heading_two] Sample WEBv5.com custom designed QR code to mobile website landing page

Coupons are everywhere.  We use them to buy groceries, save on a car wash, get a deal at the movies, and land a discount on the perfect pair of jeans. Coupons are an integral part of daily life.

Studies have shown that the brain releases pleasure chemicals when it saves money. Couponing, can give you happiness you might otherwise seek from a bar of chocolate or a glass of wine.  What savvy business owner wouldn’t want to leverage that!?

MANY designs to choose from or get a custom design! Click a phone for a larger view.

[kc_heading_two size=”20″ color=”#494949″]If you don’t want to increase sales and decrease costs, QR codes are not for you.[/kc_heading_two]

 QR Coupon Campaign clients get a custom designed QR code and custom design coupon/special offer mobile landing page :

A Custom Designed Recyclable QR code – We will work with you to design a very special, custom designed, recyclable QR Code that you can use in print media, on coupons, on refridgerator magnets or any other place you want!

A Custom Designed Landing Page – We will design a custom landing page for you.  This is what clients will get when they scan your QR code from an ad, a fridge magnet, your website, etc.  You can change the “offer”, “call-to-action” or “coupon” every week without having to change your QR code!

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QR Code Analytics – Who is clicking your code? Where are they clicking from? How many people have clicked on your QR code? With our proprietary qr code analytics you will know these things.

A Fully Managed Campaign – We will help you every step of the way for one very low monthly fee.

If the Dynamic QR code seems a little outside the realm of your normal marketing routines, the QR Coupon Campaign is meant for you! We will help you adapt your existing marketing and advertising materials to bridge the gap between the print world and the online world.

A designer QR code can be added to any printed materials (coupons, business cards, posters) to give your customers instant online access to the latest deals, coupons, and offers. We create mobile landing pages for your customers to visit so they can clearly read your offers and information. (Non-mobile websites have text that is often too small to read on a phone.)

When you become more familiar with the ease and benefits of using QR codes, we can provide you with more unique or complex marketing campaigns, as desired.

[kc_heading_two size=”30″ color=”#494949″]We can help you with your QR Code Mobile Campaign every step of the way.[/kc_heading_two]

CUSTOM DESIGNED QR CODES: Each qr code design we provide for our customers is unique and custom designed to incorporate logo and design elements for consistency with your branding.  We develop your custom designed QR code exclusively for you.

CUSTOM LANDING PAGES: These custom pages also incorporate your company’s design elements and allow one permanent QR code to direct customers to regularly refreshed content. – Same QR code – Different Offer Every Week! We do the work and you reap all the rewards.

ANALYTICS: Track who is clicking and from where! Want to measure the usefulness of your QR campaign? We can track how many clicks, too! We know that you have plenty of things on your plate, but you want to know what is working and and what isn’t.  We give you the data so you know.

There is no limit to the number of fun applications for your own QR Coupon Campaigns—put them on fridge magnets, tee shirts, coffee mugs, pencils, sidewalks, posters, brochures, business cards, calendars, packaging, hats, key chains, candy wrappers, balloons, books, holiday gift tags, clothing labels, post it notes, stationary, newspaper ads, letter openers, stress balls, pizza boxes, wrapping paper, shopping bags, receipts, pins, booklets, hair bows, temporary tattoos, the list goes on and on.

[kc_heading_two size=”47″ color=”#494949″]OK…. how much does all this cost?[/kc_heading_two]

We chage a reasonable set-up fee to get your custom QR Code designed, your landing page developed and hosted, and to set you up in our proprietary system.  Then you pay a low flat monthly fee as we work together to drive lots of traffic to your offer and watch your sales SKYROCKET all while saving money with QR Code Recycling!