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SendBlaster is the best e-mail marketing software for managing your mailing list.

Discover the free solution or the cost effective one, a pay just one time package to easily manage your email marketing using a desktop software.

E-mail Marketing made easy 

Once upon a time, the only way to make a good email marketing campaign was to use Web based solutions. Now you can get the same results and functionalities avoiding expensive web based services and managing your own email marketing using a desktop software for just 85 Euro (one time payment, no recurring fees).


Create impact e-mail 

See also: How to do an email marketing campaign

Build your permission based list

We will create customizable forms for your web site.
All collected data will be inserted inside your lists and you may start your permission email marketing immediately.

Analyze results of your mailings

An effective email marketing requires to analyze data. SendBlaster & Google Analytics let you know if after reading emails your customers purchase your products, subscribe your website or finalize goals you set in Google Analyticator APP.


Features List…


Create newsletters


Message composing is achieved through a simple yet powerful visual HTML editor with code access, CHARSET definition and the ability to insert completely customizable field tags.

Free email templates

A rich set of ready to use templates makes easy and fast to create professional looking emails. All the templates can be easily customized.

Import existing .htm or .eml files

Email messages can be imported from external files (HTML documents or existing .eml files).

Embedded image support

Generate newsletters with attachments and embedded images, avoiding all email message reading related problems. 

Personalized email for each subscriber

Send personalized messages (“Dear Mr. John Smith”, instead of “Dear customer”)

Dear #name# -> becomes -> Dear Paul

Each email you send is different using the email merge and email personalization features. (see how to send personalized emails)

Add unsubscribe link

Insert an unsubscribe link (opt-out) which is required by the CAN-SPAM Act.


The message CHARSET can be set to send messages with any character system (Ciryllic, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic). This feature allows you to send your newsletters in different world languages.

Email message with both HTML and Text

The email messages are created both in HTML and plain text format in case the recipient has disabled HTML message viewing. Remeber: the hybrid HTML/Plain Text email is the best option for email marketing campaings.

Add file attachment to mailing lists

Each email message can contain file attachments (Zip, Doc, Pdf…).

Import contacts from Outlook and Thunderbird

Directly import all your customer’s details into SendBlaster.

Import email addresses from Excel, Access and .CSV files

Save your existing MS Excel(TM), Access(TM) or Outlook(TM) contact list in .CSV file format, and directly import all your customer’s details into SendBlaster.

Manage your Mailing List

Simple integration with your own web site

Inserting mailing list management functionalities in your web site becomes extremely easy by the subscription/unsubscription management functions and the abiltity to import data from a web source, letting SendBlaster take care of list updating and mailing the right messages to the right recipients. We also offer free CAN SPAM-law-compliant optin and double optin PHP scripts in our download section.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe by Email or Web Form

SendBlaster can automatically manage subscriptions (and unsubscriptions) to build permission based email marketing campaigns (even if you don’t have a website). Each list can be associated with an e-mail address: when a email message with “Subscribe” in the subject line is sent to this e-mail address the sender is added to the list. If the subject is “Unsubscribe” instead, the sender gets deleted (if he/she was previously subscribed). SendBlaster newsletter software downloads new email messages from the POP3 account, verifies the subject and updates the related distribution list.

Advanced data filter

You may sort the list with a simple drag and drop for every field or even for multiple fields.

Bounced mails processing

Bounce-backs are automatically recognized, and originating addresses can be either disabled or deleted from the lists. See how SendBlaster manages bounce-backs

Unlimited lists/group with unlimited recipients

SendBlaster can manage multiple distribution lists.

Custom field names

SendBlaster allows you to customize field names for the 15 available fields for each address.

Black list

Define a lists of addresses or domains which will be automatically excluded from mailings.

Send your email campaign

SMTP and POP3 profiles

You may set different SMTP and POP3 configurations. Account info can be saved in multiple profiles, so that all SMTP and/or POP3 settings can be changed with a couple of clicks (Learn how to use different SMTP profiles)

SMTP free delivery

Through the direct send mode, if you won’t need to modify any parameters to connect to the provider’s SMTP service. Learn how to use SMTP.

Check duplicated emails

SendBlaster has an automatic duplicate prevention filter when sending.

Scheduled mailing

Schedule your mailing so that it will be automatically sent at a given day and time.

Complete previous mailings

In case of internet connection interruption, crash of the computer, pause of sending or whatelse Sendblaster write in logs to which emails the message is already sent, so its possible to send the message to those emails that the message has not been sent preventing to duplicate messages.

Event logs

See your previous mailings logs

Set speed of sending

Manage settings related to the email sending speed.

Analyze email campaigns

SendBlaster’s interface integrates two Web-based analisys tools: TrackReports and Google Analytics.

With TrackReports You’ll know the number of read and clicked messages.

You may also measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in Google Analytics.

We give a statistic system for free: www.trackemailmarketing.com

What’s new?

Improved and redesigned user interface

SendBlaster is even easier to use than before. Users can choose between the classic left panel, redesigned to be visually more appealing and now supporting large or small icons, and a new toolbar which saves horizontal space on the screen. All panels are now scrollable with the mouse wheel; list selection can be synchronized across all the panels and are alphabetically ordered; all icons have been redesigned; and many more small user interface improvements have been added.

Insert unsubscribe link

Sendblaster 2 have a button in the compose message to add a customize unsibscribe link inside the message (it is required by the CAN-SPAM Act). 

Run in Schedule mode

SendBlaster may run in the tray system.

Spam score check

SendBlaster now integrates a spam score checking tool. It incorporates all the SpamAssassin rules that you need to respect to go straight to your customer’s inbox.

Integrated with Google Analytics

Check your mailing campaigns effectiveness using Google’s powerful tools.

Integrated with trackemailmarketing.com (TrackReports)

We give you a free service to browse data about your mailing opening and click rates and informations about each single user’s actions.

New templates

SendBlaster 2 Pro cames with 100 new templates compared to version 1 (50 with SendBlaster Free).

More advanced settings

Users can now add custom headers, request read receipts, set a high priority for their message, define a customized To: header supporting merge tags, enable or disable automatic filtering out of duplicate addresses when sending out.

More speed

SendBlaster now supports up to 50 connections – this could dramatically improve the speed of mailings when using a fast SMTP server. Furthermore, SendBlaster now gives users the option to not interrupt a mailing should the Internet connection temporarily stop working, which may help with unattended mailings.


You may save different configurations of settings, for istance for different mailings, different smtp settings or different email sender. It is very usfeull if you send newsletter on behalf of your customers. 


You may use third-party software developed for SendBlaster.

Set demo data fields

Setting these fields and clicking on ‘preview’, you may see how newsletter appears with data included.

New data filter

A powerful filter has been added, which lets users select and enable or disable records matching some conditions.

Easier backup

Directly accessing database files for backup purposes is now easier, as they are saved inside Documents folder.