Competition Domination – How to Dominate the Market Using Google Analytics – Chad Currin’s Newest Release

Competition Domination - How to DOminate the Competition Using Google Analytics

Chad Currin, owner of WEBv5 a marketing and consulting firm located near Saratoga, NY has just released his newest book: “Competition Domination – How to Dominate the Market Using Google Analytics” Would you like to better understand how Google Analytics can help you dominate your market?  Would you like to better understand your website metrics? […]

Free Social Media Contest for your Website from your creative friends at WEBv5

Social Media is great, right?? Not sure if all your social media activity is helping you in your marketing efforts.  We at WEBv5 have created a unique way for you to use social media to gain social media traction, to build a mailing list (for online or offline use), to engage your “friends and fans” […]

Page Speed Load Time is a Critical Element of SEO

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Your Website Page Load Time is a critical factor in your overall SEO score and there is something that you can do about it. Google’s SEO algorithm factors your websites load time because Google know that is a factor that is important to people.  If your website loads slowly you are losing traffic and business. […]

Mobile Websites – 20 Reasons Why a Mobile Website is a Must for any business!

Mobile Website Should Be A Priority - 20 Reasons

You’ve certainly noticed that the world has gone “mobile” and it seems to have happened almost overnight. Smartphone and mobile tablet sales have increased dramatically and is not expected to slow down any time soon. Due to this growing use and the ever-expanding set of platform applications (smartphone features and apps) – consumers are using […]

Mobile Website Strategy: A “real” Mobile Website is more than just converting your website for mobile devices

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**At the bottom of this post see how YOU CAN GET A FREE MOCKUP of YOUR MOBILE WEBSITE!  Plus for a limited time we will create a mobile website for you and waive the mobile design fee of $249 and you pay only $24.99 and you can cancel anytime. If your mobile website is nothing […]