Mobile Website Strategy: A “real” Mobile Website is more than just converting your website for mobile devices

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If your mobile website is nothing more than your primary site converted for mobile display you are missing great mobile marketing opportunities.

More than 50% of all website surfing traffic is done from a smart phone or a tablet computer.

More smart phones and tablets exist than pc’s.

If your business doesn’t have a mobile website, you are losing business, losing leads, losing clients, and yes… losing money.

If you have a mobile website but it doesn’t have it’s own strategy, you are better off than if you didn’t have a mobile optimized site but you are still missing great marketing opportunities that smart phone technology makes available.

Here are some of today’s best smart phone marketing opportunities:

mobile sales tools

 Click to Call – Many mobile users simply want to be able to click one easy to find button to call you.

Click to Contact – Mobile users need easy access to your email or contact form.

Click to Find on GPS or Maps – Many people use mobile websites to find a business location.  Rather than hunting for your address, copying and pasting it into their GPS or Maps program, a good strategy let’s them do it all with the push of one button.

But that isn’t all.

A well designed mobile website has it’s own marketing strategy including reservation systems for restaurants, salons, etc.

QR codes, Online Coupons, Social Media links, Check-in service, and mobile commerce can be critical pieces of your mobile strategy.

If you think that your business doesn’t need a mobile strategy or a mobile website, please take a look at these quick videos.  I know you are busy, but these videos could save you mistakes that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

 Here is a simple before and after look:


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