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Adding pages to your built website is very easy.  No business stays static and neither should your website.  If you have just added a new line of products and set of services and you want to add a page to your website, the task is very simple and will take less than 3 minutes.

THINGS TO REMEMBER: The Page title is important in MANY ways; first as a descriptor for website visitors and Google, but also it is what will show up in the navigation bar of website.  Adding a page will also add the page to the navigation bars throughout the site.  Try to use one or two words.  “Products” and “Our Products” both tell the visitor the same thing and just using “Products” saves you four characters in the navigation bar.

STEP 1: Open your main “DASHBOARD” found at and enter your user name and password.

STEP 2: CLICK on the “PAGES” button on the left-hand side.

STEP 3: CLICK “add a page”

STEP 4: Name your page.  This name will be what your visitors see in the navigation bar throughout your website.  BE BRIEF!!! You can use you “meta tags” to describe the page more fully for search engine optimization. 

NOTE: This will create a page within your site with the same “header” “sidebars” “format” and “footer” that your other pages have.  It will also add this pages name to the navigational bars if you choose this page as a “main page”.  If it is a sub-page of another page on your website then the name will, in most instances appear in a drop-down menu under the main page name.

STEP 5: CLICK the “PUBLISH” button.  You now have a new page!!

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